Transformation via Technology: The Key Drivers of Digital Supply Chain Disruption

The explosion of digital technology has had a tremendous impact on most aspects of day-to-day life. As consumers embrace digital media for everything from consuming news to socialization, businesses are reimagining their approach to traditional business processes.

In part, this trend is driven by the need to accommodate consumer habits in the B2C sector, but B2B entities are also embracing digital trends to capitalize on gains in efficiency offered by automation, greater visibility, the ability to break down data silos, and reduce operational costs.

Big Rigs Get the Comforts of Home to Help Truckers Close Driver Gap

With their kids out of the house, empty-nesters Dan and Cristy Dornbusch cruise U.S. highways with an array of domestic comforts — TV, microwave convection oven, running water — in their vehicle. 

They’re not just savoring the scenery: The Dornbusch duo operates a Freightliner M2 truck lugging loads of metal casting parts as a driving team for closely held Try Hours Inc.