Supply Chain

Rewiring the Supply Chain to Improve Results

The war of political rhetoric rages in the debates in the United States. I am watching the resounding political sound bites on local television as I travel the world helping global supply chain teams in Brussels, London, Singapore, Shanghai and Spain. I am trying to help global manufacturing companies build effective supply chains. The political debate’s focus is on manufacturing. I think manufacturing is only a piece of the story. I firmly believe that effective supply chains build economies. In this jobless economy there is a shortage of supply chain talent in mid-management positions globally. My mission is to help companies and countries close this gap.

Google And The Future Of Supply Chain

This week Google, now re-named Alphabet, became the most valuable company on earth besting Apple for at a least one day.  No matter what happens the rest of this week, Google is sending notice that its place in world of business strategy is at the head of the table.  What it means for the future of supply chain is a speed up in all the disruptive and important technologies we are tracking.

Amazon's Profits: Why Its Big Logistics Bet Is Paying Off

Following’s surprise quarterly profit announcement and better-than-expected sales figures reported last month, international e-commerce delivery specialists ParcelHero contends that the US Internet-based retail giant’s continued massive investment in its revolutionary logistics plans are beginning “to pay off” and its logistics investment shows no sign of stopping according to the UK courier firm.