A Day in the Life of a Logistics Planner

Title: Logistics Planner
Education: Bachelor of business administration
Experience: Less than 1 year

The logistics or materials planner coordinates the movements of raw materials and parts inventory with production cycles. The job is a typical entry-level function and leads roles within materials management and logistics. “This job gives me a chance to break into supply chain management,” says an insider. “I like working with real products and making things, which makes this job fun for me.”

9:00My life, if everything goes well, is pretty routine. We work on 4-week production cycles. Ideally, there aren't many hiccups in the system. I get to work and hope the voice-mail light isn't flashing. Check e-mail and log into our ERP [enterprise resource planning] system to see the status of the latest shipment of raw materials for the next production batch.
10:00Meet with my manager. She has me do an analysis of the quality of the materials that we receive.
11:00Have my daily meeting with the production group and find out what the production forecast for the next cycle is.
12:00Lunch at the Chinese restaurant—I'm a hot-and-sour soup junkie— down the road from our office.
1:00Log the requirements for the next shipments in our ERP system and do the analysis my manager requested.
3:00My manager requests another analysis on the costs of our raw material inventory over the last 6 months by supplier.
5:00Dash out to the parking lot and head home for the day.


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