A Day in the Life of an Inventory Analyst

Title: Inventory Analyst
Education: Bachelor of business administration
Experience: 1 year

The inventory analyst spends her days analyzing historical data, forecasting inventory requirements, and supporting operations and marketing departments. “I spend most of my days either running reports for my manager or people in other departments or representing my department in cross-functional meetings,” says an insider new to the world of inventory management. “Sometimes the reporting can get tedious,” says the insider, “but it's great exposure and a vital function in our business.”

8:30The usual check of e-mail.
9:00Start on forecasts that my manager gave me yesterday afternoon for January. It's probably our most exciting time, forecasting what the holiday rush will do to our January inventory.
11:00Serve as the voice of inventory at a marketing meeting for an upcoming promotion.
12:30Pile into the car with the other new hires and head out to the local deli.
1:30Meet with my manager to go over my inventory forecasts for January. Report to her the marketing team's plans for upcoming promotions. She thinks the idea will ravage inventory, so I hang on for a conference call. They are locked on this, but marketing often wins.
2:30Follow up with changes to forecast, start on new analysis based on meeting with manager.
5:00Head home. Rest a bit before volleyball practice. I play in a local volleyball league (still trying to get a company team together).


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